My personal tale

My newlywed dad comfy on his sofa. <br />
He used to be the one taking the pictures in our family.

My newlywed dad comfy on his sofa.
He used to be the one taking the pictures in our family.

I make photos since I was 16 years old. I always liked having a camera around. But until recently, I wouldn't explain clearly why I like photography so much.

I lost my dad at the age of 7. Everything happened rather fast. He was a healthy, strong and stubborn man. A caring father and husband, even though quite tough on the outside. He liked things his way and was particularly not patient when we misbehaved. We used to spend a lot of time in a farm and my brother and sister were always fooling around and giving him reasons to get angry. I am the youngest and wasn't really allowed to join them on their adventures.

Suddenly dad got a strong and persistent fever and in only three months he left us. Mom, older sis (14), older brother (13) and myself (7).

To be honest I do not have much of a memory from my life back then. What I "remember" comes from the stories mom and siblings tell. They looove recalling those memories and they tell the same story over and over again, always with the same excitement.

Looking back, I don't wish things were different. Do not get me wrong. This early tough experience taught me to appreciate things the way they are and stop trying to fight against what I have no control over. Ultimately, I grew and became a stronger person.

Back to photography: The last picture of dad was out of focus and blurred. And it does not matter - It is a precious image that I keep with me and that, somehow, shaped how I remember him.

As a Documentary Family Photographer, I want to create images that will be treasured by you and your family for years to come. Having the privilege of creating these images is why I love so much photography!

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